Requirements for graduate engineers to join the training program

  1. 1- Must be a Bahraini national.
  2. 2- Should have a valid membership of Bahrain Society of Engineers.
  3. 3- Should hold an engineering or architecture BSc of an accredited university.
  4. 4- Must pass the interview and tests, if any.
  5. 5- Should accept the contractual terms and conditions of TCTP concerned bodies.

Requirements of Tamkeen regarding establishments

  1. 1- Should have a valid commercial register.
  2. 2- Must be registered in Bahrain.
  3. 3- Must have monthly paid registers at the LMRA (Labor Market Regulatory Authority) free of any breaches.
  4. 4- Should be registered at Social Insurance Organization.
  5. 5- Must sign a persistent contract, in accordance with labor laws in Bahrain.
  6. 6- Should be approved according to their capability of meeting employment and training conditions after executing the financial and technical assessment.

Requirements of establishments